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Faces of Auschwitz signs sponsorship deal with the Michael Frank Family Charitable Fund


Faces of Auschwitz signs sponsorship deal with the Michael Frank Family Charitable Fund

— Read on facesofauschwitz.com/2018/04/2018-4-8-faces-of-auschwitz-signs-sponsorship-deal-with-the-michael-frank-family-foundation/

Finally Understanding My Mother

Finally Understanding My Mother


Like another lifetime

Yet the same lives,

My dad, your husband,

Is off fighting the war

In Vietnam.

Your thoughts are with him,

Wondering, is he safe?

Is he hungry?

Will he make it home?

Not wanting to think about it,

Not wanting to watch the news,

But worrying nonetheless.

My little sister wonders too

Though it looks like she’s playing

Making lines in the dirt

Like a meditation.

I stand quietly.

Thinking. Pondering.

Wondering how to help.

Maybe just standing by your side.

Is enough.


Now, I understand

How strong you really were.

— Read on joannaoftheforest.wordpress.com/2018/03/22/finally-understanding-my-mother/

My friend Ann died recently. On Mother’s Day, thoughts of her and other mothers who have left us.

Image of the Day- Remember

This is offered out of respect for the sacrifice of others. Best to all on Memorial Day

MKS Images

Our image of the day was taken on a trip to Washington DC in 2010. I had grown up hearing about the Vietnam Memorial and I could not wait to get to see it. It is hard to explain the emotions you feel standing there in front of this- seeing others looking for names of their loved ones. Trying to find your own loved one or one for a friend. The silence, even though there are so many- the heaviness knowing each & every one of these fallen soldiers are the reason your are able to stand there & give them thanks. I hope you enjoy our image today and please give your own silent prayer of thanks for these brave souls.


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