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Regent/Powell Mystery Thrills!

 Solve The South Hills Conspiracy Now!

Retired cops Stacie and Andrew team up to rescue the helpless and bring justice to bear. Can they reunite Samantha Collier, professional beach volleyball player, with her missing computer genius boyfriend? Follow the dynamic couple deep in the wilds near the Mount Shasta volcano. Their search for clues to his disappearance will bring them dangerously close to the deadly serial killers who want Professor David Trutanich dead.

Will Samantha ever see David alive again?

A Missing Professor? A Kidnapped Lover? Find Out Now!

David is missing. Will Samantha be able to trust Andrew Powell enough to find David before it’s too late? Where is David and why hasn’t he been heard from? Follow Samantha as she journeys into the California wilderness in search of answers to what happened to the love of her life. Is this another scheme by her mother to keep Samantha from David or is his life really in danger? From the peaks of Mount Shasta to the depths of foreboding caverns The South Hills Conspiracy will bring you to the brink of suspense, and beyond.

Andrew Powell Meet Stacie Regent; Love at First Light?

The sexiest detective duo to team up in ages, Andrew and Stacie form a power packed team of super sleuths. Their skills are challenged at every turn in this continent crossing adventure. Will this latest case end up with Andrew’s son Jesse orphaned? Can Jesse avenge the death of his mother before her killers strike again? Find out if Stacie and Andrew can kindle their love for each other by learning from the young couple who’ve been torn apart by tragedy, only to fight all the more to save the passionate bond between them.

Strike Gold in South Hills!

David and Lana’s treasure hunting days may have come to an end when he disappears without a trace. Lana meets Investigator Andrew Powell; can he track down her best friend Samantha on Mount Shasta? Will David strike gold or die trying? Samantha, Andrew, and Stacie Regent team up in a race against time to rescue David, unaware that ruthless killers have him in their cross hairs. Read The South Hills Conspiracy and discover a thrilling and unpredictable conclusion to this action-adventure mystery.

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Bev’s Cat by LAnthony

The Game by LAnthony


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