Image of the Day- Remember

This is offered out of respect for the sacrifice of others. Best to all on Memorial Day

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Our image of the day was taken on a trip to Washington DC in 2010. I had grown up hearing about the Vietnam Memorial and I could not wait to get to see it. It is hard to explain the emotions you feel standing there in front of this- seeing others looking for names of their loved ones. Trying to find your own loved one or one for a friend. The silence, even though there are so many- the heaviness knowing each & every one of these fallen soldiers are the reason your are able to stand there & give them thanks. I hope you enjoy our image today and please give your own silent prayer of thanks for these brave souls.


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A Self-Fulfilling Prophecy

What do you think about the message of Tomorrowland?

Not Dead Yet

Just saw a movie (Tomorrowland that had a version of an old story in it, the one about the two wolves. One wolf was darkness and despair (pain, suffering, misery, all the troubles of the world), and the other wolf was light and hope (peace and flowers and bunny rabbits, I suppose). These wolves are always fighting, and in the movie, the girl says, “Which one survives?” The answer is, of course, the one you feed.  I’ve heard this story before, but it’s a good one, so I’m telling it to you. Which wolf do you feed?

For my part, I go back and forth. In my personal life, I’m more-or-less an optimist. I look for the good in people, and generally find it, I assume the best, and am not often disappointed. I feed the light with hope and am rewarded with flowers and bunny rabbits.  But I am…

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