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Oscars Last Call: Sean Penn Says Bradley Cooper Has A Problem


Bradley Cooper has a problem. Sure, it all looks good on the outside. Family, fame, fortune, and with his first film as director, he’s made the most successful contemporary love story of all time. That’s exactly the problem Bradley Cooper has.

It has been so long since we have been able to equate a success or a love story with high art or artists that we may well have forgotten how. And now, with A Star is Born’s eight nominations for Academy Awards, the problem is likely to be exposed. “Bradley is a star.” “He’s young… he’ll have plenty of opportunities.” If this, as I suspect, explains outcomes in other awards voting, voters will have certainly missed the point. This isn’t Bradley Cooper’s opportunity, it’s theirs to appreciate the depth and value of this film before its legacy outlasts their chance to participate in it.

Aloha; Or (The Establishment of an Obscure Sense of Humour and Taste)

This is a nice review of a very pleasant film.


 aloha 1

My dear interwebs friends, I believe with this particular review I am going to simultaneously establish that I have indeed an obscure taste in films and go against what the majority of critics have thought about this particular film. My tastes in films have changed drastically since I was twenty years old (roughly eight years ago) and this review may give you guys an idea of the films I like compared to where people stand on modern films.

Contemporary drama filmmaker Cameron Crowe (the mastermind behind brilliant albeit obscure films such as Almost Famous, Vanilla Sky and Jerry Maguire) has cemented himself as a very off-kilter writer and affable director. I am going to go straight in and say that I am a huge fan of his work; and not just because he has directed my favourite actor (Tom Cruise) on a few occasions but also because…

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The Mystery of Writing and Living

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