Elyssa Rose–Part One (Caught in the Act)

DadSpring08,Gun 033

Elyssa Rose didn’t need a man in her life. She definitely didn’t need Jaxon Crutchfield in her life. No man had ever managed to irritate her as much as this one did. Of course she knew that was his goal. He wanted her to give up on her dream. He wanted her to throw in the towel after only one month. Oh he didn’t really care about her or her dream. In fact he’d have been happy for her to pursue her dream as long as she did it in another location. He didn’t care one whit about her–he was only interested in her building.

She stood in the side window of her corner shop, pretending to rearrange a couple of flower vases while glancing across the street. She could see through the large glass window to the inside of the fitness center where a number of people were lifting…

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