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11 Things You Could Have Spent $561 On But Can’t Because Tuition Went Up

More on the rising cost of higher education.

Voice of SGA

Thanks to politicians in Oklahoma City neglecting to adequately fund OU, tuition and fees are going up by an average of 4.8% this fall. That means a $561 increase for nonresident students and $268.50 for Oklahoma students. As you wave goodbye to more of your hard-earned cash, let’s take a look at some of the things you could have spent $561 on.

1. 167 gallons of gas


Particularly important when you’re driving around every day hunting for a parking space. Speaking of which…

2. 2 years of parking passes (including summer!)


Maybe I’ll just take CART…

3. 1 month of rent plus utilities


Well….probably not at the Cottages.

4. 6 textbooks


Time to get a Kindle.

5. 2 months of groceries


Pictured above: critical grocery item.

6. An iPad with accessories


Guess you’ll have to stick with an old-school spiral notebook.

7. 37 Comfort Colors t-shirts


Tuition increases are far…

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Photo Gallery: Hillary Rodham Clinton at BookPeople


Last Friday, June 20th, we had the honor of hosting Secretary Hillary Rodham Clinton here at BookPeople to sign copies of her new book, Hard Choices. Over 1,000 people turned out to meet Secretary Clinton, who shook hands and signed books for two hours with a smile. It was one of the biggest, most successful events in BookPeople history. Thank you to everyone who joined us for an unforgettable afternoon. We’re grateful to have had the opportunity to be a part of this incredible book tour.

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Life in College Matters for Life After College

Research can be fascinating and informative at the same time.

imageCase in point:

The gallup article referenced in the link below.



Life in College Matters for Life After College

The Loss of Innocence

Things have changed since I was younger, in a way which I am unhappy about.  I want it to be like it was in the ‘old days’.  What do I mean by ‘old days’?  I mean the days when some things were better than they are now some places.  I want it to be like it was when we left our front doors unlocked, and NEVER gave it any thought.  I want to look outside and see lots of little children selling homemade lemonade, BY THEMSELVES.  I want popcorn balls, fresh baked cookies and cupcakes, even fruit handed out as a Halloween treat that’s safe to eat. I want back some of the innocence we’ve lost. Why did it happen? Did it have to happen? I miss it. Do you miss it too?
If you are younger than I am and you do not get what I am talking about, I apologize. I am sorry that you’ll never get the chance to experience what I’ve been describing so you can decide for yourself whether or not you agree with me. I’m sorry that the choice has been denied to you. Do you have somethings that I didn’t when I was your age? If so, is it a fair exchange? I don’t believe so. What would you trade for the loss of innocence? Is there anything left to lose? Is there anything more to gain?