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L. Anthony was born into a military family in Virginia with both mother and father having careers in the U.S. Navy. He carried on the military tradition after graduating from West Point. His Army Officer travels included duty in New York, Texas, New Mexico, Korea, and Europe. In addition to writing mystery novels, he has patrolled the streets of L.A. as a police officer and headed the criminal investigations unit of a suburban police department. He is currently a tenured professor of Criminal Justice in Southern California.

Comments on everyday life

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As a student I began to journal some 40 odd years ago. As a professor I’ve been encouraging my students to journal since 2007. While journals may take many different forms to serve diverse purposes, perhaps the simplest kind is one which reflects on everyday life experiences. Though simple, this technique has the potential to bring the most in terms of the benefit for the time spent writing.

Today I listened to an author’s presentation on healthy eating. It may prove to be one of the most important experiences in my life. I could decide to start a journal chronicling my new endeavor to alter my diet. Should the journey turn out to be successful, the words written about it might be employed to inspire others to seek similar achievements.

How about you? Have you ever considered writing a journal? What held you back? If you did begin one were you able to see it through to a satisfying conclusion? What were the obstacles that either prevented or delayed your eventual accomplishment?

Would you like to follow along as I venture into uncharted territory to harness my epicurean desires? Perhaps we can conquer together the mountains that stand between us and the rewards that accompany all those who retreat not from the discipline of becoming a master of the art of the pen.