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It is with great pleasure that I introduce to you, PJ Webb.

PJ Webb lived most of her life in the excitement of New York City, but her destiny changed July 2011 when she, her husband Scott, and their two cats, set out on a cruise aboard their yacht “Somewhere in Time“.  Her intended destination was Florida, where a new business venture awaited Scott. However, as fate would have it, their ship landed in North Carolina . . .

The reason: the recession came.  Among the damage in its wake it left her family without their livelihood, a lucrative business, and her home.  That is when she began writing. The catharsis of writing kept her mind off of the circumstances that were unfolding so very far beyond her control. Unable to sleep amongst the turmoil, Webb would write well into the night hours.

PJ Webb’s first ever book has become volume one in her Prince of the Blood Vampire Chronicles.  Since then, Webb has penned three more novels in the series—one was just recently released—and the others are in various stages of editing.  Webb is also working on a fourth book, one not in the vampire genre, which has an anticipated release of sometime in late July.  One secret about her, she is fascinated by the enchanting works of Anne Rice.


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Her first two novels are highlighted at the end of the interview.

I’d like to start off with one of my favorite questions, how often do you get a chance to read and which authors do you like when you have the time?

I don’t get to read as much as I would like to, and unfortunately I actually have to make the time and it’s usually late at night. I prefer reading indie authors’ books because I’m one myself, and I know that getting reviews is very important to indie authors, and there are many really good ones out there.

I admire that.  I agree that we should support one another as much as possible.  I try to split my time between indie books and my traditional favorites.  Tell me, what are the biggest influences & inspirations for your writing?

The twists and turns my own life has taken.

That’s fascinating to me because one of the things that struck me about your book is the passion that comes out in your writing.  Is that why you decided to become an independent author?  Do you write full-time?  Or do you juggle writing with other life commitments like myself and other indie authors?

Before I met my husband, Scott, I wanted to be a singer/song writer of rock and pop, and had actually made strides to that end, but then I got involved with Scott’s fledgling company and helped him to build a very successful business. During the recession though, and as hard as we tried, we weren’t able to save it. My husband continually took on more work himself as employees were consistently let go. He would go to bed every night exhausted and fall practically into a coma, and I would stay up most of the night worrying about things I had no control over. Eventually, I decided to do something constructive with the time, and I began to write the first book in my Prince of the Blood Chronicles. I have always loved fantasy, and I wanted a character that, like myself, would lose everything and in the process of learning to adjust, manage to reinvent their self in order to survive. That’s what has happened to us. We have reinvented ourselves and have gone on to build a new business and a new life, and I continue to write.

Is that the unique aspect of your writing within the genre?  It definitely sounds like one that readers can identify with.

I think that we all have to learn to adapt to the changes that occur in our lives and hopefully become stronger and smarter for having gone through them.

Tell me about your process.  What conditions do you usually write in?

I need complete quiet, and while I would prefer to write late into the night as I used to, that doesn’t happen anymore. I usually write between five and eight in the evening while I’m waiting for my husband to get home from his day.

When I come up with an idea for a story, I’ll develop the beginning, middle, and the end and who the main characters will be. As incidences unfold, my secondary characters show up to progress the story to its end.

Have you ever had the dreaded writers block?

Fortunately, I haven’t had that problem, but I think if I did, rather than wasting time and becoming more and more frustrated, I’d just start another story. Then, I’d eventually go back to my first story refreshed and have another try at it.

I think I’ll try that next time myself.  Tell me about your editing process.  I find it more challenging than any other aspect of writing.

I’m so glad you asked me that. It’s certainly not a secondary concern. Having a book properly edited can be the difference between good and great. I spend a lot of time with this process, and it involves not only myself, but both my husband, who’s the content editor, and I also have an English professor, whom I have befriended, to do the final editing on all of my books, so far.

Where do you see your writing taking you next?  Which characters are you interested in developing at this time?

I may at some point try my hand at a romance novel, but for now I’m happy being in my fantasy world. I’ve just released the second book in my Prince of the Blood series, and will be releasing, Lora Lee, which will be the first book in a new series called Cliff House, by the end of July. Cliff House is not about vampires, it is instead a paranormal fantasy.

That sounds exciting.  It should open your work up to a new audience of readers.

Yes.  Lance, I’d like to thank you for inviting me to do this interview. I think it’s so important for new writers and especially new indie writers to have the opportunity to introduce themselves to readers of their genres, and it’s blogs like yours that make that possible.

Thanks to you too PJ, for letting us get to know a little more about you and your contributions as an indie author.  

Novels of PJ Webb


Imagine fate putting you in all the right places at all the right times. Love, success, even stardom have been given to you and you embrace them with passion, but the path of your destiny has many twists and turns. Sebastian Blood had just such a life until it was stolen by his most jealous and ardent admirer. He then found himself thrust into a dark underworld where he was forced to suffer unspeakable horror. Will the one who cursed him for eternity destroy his immortal life, as well? The Prince of the Blood Vampire Chronicles is a work of historical fiction and a paranormal fantasy crisscrossing centuries.




As Sebastian Blood, he lived a life of fame and wealth—an open book to his adoring fans and with the love of his mortal life by his side.

As Sebastian Du Sang, his life is one of infamy and revulsion—a figure cloaked in mystery and with only one constant—the love of his immortal life.

One reality for another as luck would have it. The devastating blow of fate. And, what will he do with this new and horrific beginning? He will rise above it



PJ Webb’s book LORA LEE is out now


PJ Webb
PJ Webb


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